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Reliable Locksmith Service You Can Trust!

A Third-Generation Locksmith Business.
Providing all around locksmith service since 1990.

Commercial-Grade Hardware

Our products directly reflect our business. We strive to provide quality products to all our customers. Our top seller (Marks USA hardware) is listed below and comes with a limited lifetime WARRANTY; however, we do offer other manufacturers’ products as well. 
       I.  Marks lever / knob sets
     II.  Marks panic bars
    III.  Marks entrance / exit devices
    IV.  Marks door closures

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are no match for us here at Baker’s Locksmith. Throughout our many years in business, we have excelled substantially in creating master key systems for our customers. From Best IC to Schlage Cylinders, whatever your business need is, just give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our professional technicians or get a quote. 

Restricted Keys (Do-Not-Duplicate Keys)

We offer a variety of uncommon keyways as well as restricted keyways that you cannot find at hardware or chain stores.
If your hardware has a pre-existing keyway that also happens to be a common keyway, and you’re afraid of someone getting a copy without your knowledge, don’t worry. We offer “Do-Not-Duplicate” keys that will make it difficult for anyone to get a copy without your approval.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entries are always a good option for any business that wants to have complete control access without giving out multiple keys that may get lost or duplicated.
If you have a disgruntled and / or terminated person(s) at your facility, it is as convenient and efficient as changing the code to the keyless entry to prevent them from having access again.