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At Baker’s Locksmith, we prioritize reliability and expertise as a reputable local business. Our team of specialists excels in providing high-quality services when it comes to your safes and deposit boxes, ensuring top-notch security solutions for your valuables. With a strong industry reputation, we are committed to delivering dependable and efficient services, making us the preferred choice for safeguarding your belongings. Choose Baker’s Locksmith for reliable safe solutions, specialist local knowledge, commercial proficiency, quality products, and a stellar reputation in the field.

Open steel safe with gold bar and jewelry on wooden table

Featured Products

Kaba Mas X10 / S&G2740B

These are the only two locks that are FF-L-2740B approved. The professionals at Baker’s Locksmith have the training and certifications to open, repair, and replace both of these locks on your safe, container, SCIF door, or vault.


Having a tough time getting into your safe or have you lost your combination? Whether it’s commercial or residential, mechanical or electronic, we have the equipment and knowledge to tackle any situation.

Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are generally located in banks, post offices, or other institutions. If you are in need of opening or servicing your safe deposit boxes for your facility, look no further! With such a high demand and low supply of skilled professionals, you can count on our techs to efficiently and economically handle any of your safe deposit box needs.

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